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Prompt Post 2.0
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poetic_pixie_13 wrote in ficbending
With the season finale behind us I figure we'll have an explosion of prompts soon. So, new prompt post. Please post any new prompts in this post. But you can always find fic or fill more prompts in the original prompt post.


1) One prompt per post, please! If you have multiple prompts, no worries, just make separate posts for each. Please post characters/ships/kinks/trigger warnings in the subject line for easy browsing.
2) Anything Avatar related is welcome. We're focusing on Legend of Korra but you can always bring in characters and ideas from The Last Airbender.
3) Be polite! You might be asking for something but that doesn't mean you should be rude while asking. Be nice! Use this comm to celebrate the wonderfulness that is LoK!
4) Trigger warnings! This doesn't just apply to porn, although obviously it can. If there's something in your prompt or fic that can be triggering (rape/non-con, dub-con, suicide, self-harm &etc) please put a warning. If you're not sure about something put a warning just in case. We have members who have a diverse set of experiences and we have to be respectful of that. Part of being polite isn't telling someone to 'lighten up' or 'get a thicker skin.' It's respecting each other and being mindful of what's hurtful.
If you feel that someone has posted something offensive please feel free to contact me, either by PM'ing me or through the mod contact post.
5) Don't be an asshole. Sounds simple enough but the ATLA shipping wars are legendary and I'd rather we not repeat them here. Don't throw around language that's offensive. Respect people's ships, their kinks, their requests and their triggers. If something isn't your cup of tea then just scroll until you find a prompt or fic that is.
6) Your kink is not my kink and that's OK. We're not here to shame anyone for what they're into, which is why you can post anonymously.
7) Have fun!

Spoiler Policy

Please put a spoiler warning in the subject line when making spoilery prompts. And please warn for types of spoilers. For something that's in episodes that have already aired just post 'SPOILER' in the subject line. For stuff that's been leaked ahead of time post 'LEAKED.' If you would like to discuss spoiler policy there's a post up for it here.

There's a delicious list of fills maintained by the lovely winninghearts.

Any questions/comments/anything that's not a prompt of fill should be made at the mod contact post and not here.

A fantastic anon whom I love to death has complied a list of prompts. Filled prompts are marked.

This is not a place for discussion. The only things that should be posted here are prompts and fills. If you want to talk about AtLA and LoK there are other lj comms for that, there's Tumblr, there are forums &etc.

Finally, I want to remind people of the 'just scroll' rule. If someone posts something that's not your kink, your pairing, doesn't fit with your personal canon or characterization of whomever just scroll until you find a prompt that you like. It's not that hard, I promise. There are places to discuss and debate AtLA and LoK, this is not one of them.

And, again. The only things that should be posted here are prompts and fills. If you're not happy with the lack of fills or the lack of activity in the comm you can discuss it here. From now on any comments that aren't prompts or fills will just get deleted.

It doesn't have to be romantic, but the preference is up to the writer. I'd like this set just before the finale, where Lin is a hostage, for lack of a better word, and learns Amon's secrets herself.

I need this in my life. Please and thank you.


After Tarlok is kidnapped, Amon comes to his cage.

All the things they think will happen, Amon calling him weak, using his powers on him, killing him. None of that happens.

To the surprise of both Tarlok and Amon, Amon ends up dropping to his knees, wrapping his arms around his brother, shoving his face in his neck and crying.

This goes on for a while until Amon leaves.

That is the prompt

You're losing your memory | Tarrlok & Amon | SPOILERS | 1/1

TW: mention of violence.


He paints the scar onto his face beforehand, every line of it familiar. If Tarrlok- if his brother- has recognised him, then he may insist the mask comes off. So Amon paints the scar on with the ease of long practice and then ties the mask into place over it. It's been so long that at this stage, it may as well be his real face, a real scar. Sometimes he almost forgets it isn't. If nothing else it makes delivering the story easier. (There's no almost about having forgotten his name once or twice, though. It's been a long, long time.)

When he strides into the interrogation room with its single occupant, every inch a confident performer, he wonders what Tarrlok sees. Does he see Amon, or does he see-

"Noatok," Tarrlok says, answering the question neatly. His hair hangs around his face, and the shadows on his face are deep, the lines deeper. There's a bruise smudged purple under one eye, and he looks older than Amon had expected, slumped against the wall on the far side. More than that, he sounds older, which shouldn't come as a shock. It's not as though he hadn't heard Tarrlok speak as a grown man before now, but he sounds different than before, deeper and tired and resigned. The way his name sounds in that voice draws him up sharp, seeming to echo in his head.

It's been a long, long time. He squares his shoulders.

"Tarrlok," he says, and then finds he has nothing else to say. The silence grows heavier every second it continues for, and he strives to fill it by reaching behind to unclasp the mask. Tarrlok's eyes narrow in response, but he doesn't say anything as Amon lifts it away, not even when he sees the scar.

Amon wants to make him say something. He wants to put a thumb on the middle of his forehead all over again, wants to hit him, wants to ask why he hadn't come all those years ago. It's been a long time since he heard his name, and almost as long since he's felt anything like this. He's been putting on a show since he first stepped onto Republic City's soil, and he thinks that perhaps he's forgotten how to do anything else.

He could gloat, he could threaten, he could do anything. You are a weakling comes to his mind without his permission. The memory hangs somewhere between sweet and vile, and something seems to undergo an interal shift at the thought. His knees hit the ground before he's even aware of it and then Tarrlok is in his arms, which feels wrong in and of itself. Tarrlok was always so much smaller than him, the younger brother and a little scrawny on top of that. Somebody to pick up and brush off and set back on his feet. Now they're the same height. Amon- Noatok- Amon- he recognises that this might have something to do with pressing his face between neck and shoulder, hiding it.

Tarrlok is still and silent beneath him, tensed but not pushing away. Whether that's because Tarrlok is terrified, apathetic or simply shocked, he can't tell.

A part of Noatok registers that he is shuddering, and that his jaw is locked against sobs. The tears are coming anyway. He doesn't know what they're for. They feel angry, and the desire to hit Tarrlok surfaces again. Instead he grasps tighter and wonders if there will be finger-shaped bruises later.

Eventually Tarrlok's arms settle somewhere comfortable and they half sit, half lie there together.

Noatok doesn't move. He dreads having to, and wonders what he'll do when the time comes. In fact, he dreads it; every drop of blood in Tarrlok's body is calling out to him. So he stays and shudders, for the time being, and memorises the sound his name made.

Amon/General Iroh (TW: non-con, torture)

Instead of getting rescued by Korra, General Iroh ends up being captured by the Equalists after getting blasted out of the ship's nest.

Amon decides that it's time to get to know the young General better. Torture for information on Bumi's fleet optional.

Re: Amon/General Iroh (TW: non-con, torture)

Sorry, forgot to warn for spoilers, feel free to delete this x_x.


The general stays in the city for a while after the finale, and Bolin thinks he's just so cool and trains with him and they grow kind of close

Bonus points for Mako being wary because hey this guy has like 10 years on Bolin at least and if he does anything untoward it's time for an agni kai to death

Re: Iroh/Bolin

Iroh/Bolin? I am SO fucking behind this. Potential OTP hnnnnnnnnnnggg

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Spoilers spoilers spoilers!!!!

Ok so I'm just DIEING for anything with them! I don't care if it's fluff or porn(preferably) or whatever! Just something with the two of them loving eachother in a non-brotherly fashion. As adults, unless you just want to write little kids being cute/fluffy. No non-con or one-sided feelings please. And try not to make me cry TOO much... if you can.

The blindfold that covered his eyes couldn't change that Amon was his brother, and for one brief moment Tarrlok wondered if Noatak's face was truly burned, or if he was so used to having a masked face he would let none see it, not even his own brother.

Tarrlok currently sat within his brother's lap somewhere; whether that be on a bed in Amon's room, or in some cell Tarrlok knew not. All that mattered was that besides the blindfold his hands were tied behind his back, and that his brother's breathing was becoming steadily heavier against the skin of his neck.

Lips traveled the course of his throat, and Tarrlok shuddered, giving into the warmth of Noatak's body. He'd already forgiven him, because in the end he could never hate his brother, even if he'd become his worst enemy.

There was excitement curling within his stomach, and he wished at least his hands were free so he could explore Noatak's body the way Noatak was with his.

He gave a little sigh when Noatak's hands landed on his thighs, massaging them lightly before opening them wider to expose the tent between his legs. One of Noatak's hands entered his pants, teasing the head of his member and relishing his loud moan.

His pants and underwear were discarded in one hand movement, and Tarrlok nearly smiled, acutely aware of how low Noatak's patience could be. He heard the shuffling of Noatak removing his own belt before those hands were replaced on his thighs, helping him to slide down his erection.

His head leaned back on Noatak's shoulder, breath's coming out in short pants at the slow thrusting of Noatak inside him, reminiscent of the times he'd make love to him when they were younger.

For a short moment there was nothing but the mixing of their moans reaching a fervent pitch before both reached their pinnacle. Afterwords there was nothing but a few moments of eerie quietness as they both lay in exhaustion.

"I love you," Were words that didn't exactly fit to break the silence. Tarrlok could feel something wet roll down his cheek, but he shook it off as just sweat. "I love you," Noatok choked out a little louder, kissing his cheeks, lips, and even his blindfolded eyes desperately.

Tarrlok could feel his own tears staining the cloth covering his eyes as he weeped silently, unlike Noatok who's sobs racked his body. A ghost of a smile appeared on Tarrlok's lips in some semblance of reassurance. "I love you too, Amon."

LOL, I completely responded to this as a new comment for the prompts instead of as a reply here. Wow, I'm stupid.

Spoilers Amon Mako/Bolin noncon

Bolin and Mako get captured before Iroh shows up, Amon forces Mako to have sex with Bolin only because he knows they're brothers. He wants to vicariously live through Mako because he never got the chance to fuck his own little brother

Re: Spoilers Amon Mako/Bolin noncon


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Korrasami, post-finale (so spoilers)

Something that is in-between friendship and romance; you know, after the awkward way that Masami ended and Makorra began, the two girls try to have a friendship and end up getting naked on the side. All good stuff.

I've been meaning to write something like this myself but I'm having a difficult time, so... someone with more talent, help me out?

Amon(Noatak)/Lieutenant (abuse)

The real reason Lieu was so upset? He and Am- Noatak were lovers.

Not that A- Noatak was good to Lieu... quite the opposite.

But the man was invigorating. He made Lieu feel special, he made him feel like they could change the world together. He made him feel strong.

But Noatak just took and took and took. He never cared about him- he was just a puppet, and a sex toy, and some sick way of getting off to someone needing him and caring about him.

But when Lieu finally sees the truth, even then, Noatak just casually kills him, and with his dying breath he is filled with so much regret...

Bonus if all his life Lieu has been pushed around and shoved aside. His parents didn't favor him for being a nonbender- other children shunned him for whatever reason. No one ever really liked him. Make us all sad anons... make us all sad.

Re: Amon(Noatak)/Lieutenant (abuse)

Seconding! I need this in my life.

Korra & Tahno SPOILERS

Korra comes to Tahno's home to return his bending to him personally, instead of him just having to come to what I assume is some sort of official 'line up in front of this building and Korra will return your bending one-by-one' situation.

There is a lot of hugging and crying and offers of sexual favors and just... general Tahno losing his cool in a big way and just being SO HAPPY. And then they both go down to the bay and use water bending to have the biggest, most childish glorified splash fight known to man.

Just. Tahno being overcome with happiness and being all "OHSPIRITS MY BENDING IS BACK ILU YOU KORRA LET'S GO ACT LIKE FIVE YEAR OLDS EVERYTHING IS WATERBENDING AND NOTHING HURTS". Dignity is for people who aren't too blinded by joy to care. And meanwhile Korra's just like "Welp this is bizarre but screw it, I've been stressing the fuck out for what seems like a millenia now LET'S DO THIS THING." Lot's of relief that the worst of things seem to be over, at least for now.

Because everyone else seems to get off on character's misery (and don't get me wrong, that's fun too) but right now I have a massive boner for moments of complete giddy, childish joy.

Children of the Ocean and Moon [Mini-Fill]

The unhinged part of him suddenly clicked back into place. He could sense the moisture on his lips, the drip-dripping of the sink, the quiet flurry of snow outside the walls of his dingy apartment. The power of the waxing moon flowed through his veins. For the first time since the Tournament Tahno felt truly alive again.

He opened his eyes as Korra removed her hands, the glow fading from her eyes. Tahno swiftly captured one of those miracle-working hands and brought it to his lips.

“Thank you, Uhvatar.”

Her faint blush and startled expression made Tahno smirk. He then stood and all but ran for the door. With his hand still gripping Korra’s, the Avatar stumbled a few steps behind him. However, she regained her composure just as they reached the door and planted her feet firmly.

“Tahno, what are you doing?”

The waterbender turned back to her with a giddy grin.

“I owe you some private lessons.”

Korra quirked an eyebrow in interest, “Really?”


The Pro-Bending Arena was still in the midst of reconstruction, and with the workers gone for the night there wasn’t a single soul around. Until the two waterbenders walked out on to the pier. With no thought of the cold, snowy night both dove into the waters of Yue Bay.

Korra surfaced glancing around for her companion. A snowball hit the back of her head. She spun around to see that Tahno was perched atop an ice float, feet dangling in the waves. A small pyramid of bending-made snowballs sat at his disposal.

A smile of childish glee spread across his face as he sent snowball after snowball toward the Avatar. Korra dodged until he ran out; then with a laugh and a shove she sent a large wave barreling toward him. The ice platform was capsized, but Tahno fluidly propelled himself under the waves. With a mischievous glint in his eyes, he swam underneath Korra grabbing a leg and pulling her under. Unfazed by suddenly being yanked beneath the surface, Korra pushed him off with a strong yet playful current causing Tahno to be whirled around in a few circles.

Once stabilized, he peered through the murky night water at his once-rival. They nodded a momentary truce to resurface for air. Breaking through the surface waves, their laughter brimmed with mirth as the ocean held them in its embrace while the moon smiled down.

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Bolin- Alternate Character Interpretation

I kind of want to see Bolin become cynical and jaded after all of this. After everyone gets their bending restored by Korra, and everyone praises the great heroes General Iroh, Avatar Korra, and her brave friend Mako, leaving him and Asami in the dust... he starts to realize that he's just a living doormat. That no one takes him seriously or respects him. No one actually cares about him.

So, while Asami has moved on from Mako and has accepted this new world... Bolin just can't get it to sit well with him. He starts reading/learning/something, and starts making judgments on the world, and sees it as cruel and evil. And then he comes to a conclusion. Nice guys finish last, after all...

Bonus if Asami starts coming onto him, but he only sees it as the universe trying to 'pair the spares' and rejects her- harshly too. She really thought they were getting along well, and wanted to try it, but he'll never forgive the natural order of things.

If the rest of the Krew snap him out of it, or if he actually descends into something worse than just being a cynical asshole, either is good with me :)

Re: Bolin- Alternate Character Interpretation


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Amon/Tarrlok, happy ending


Tarrlok and Noatak do start over again, but live a quiet life together somewhere. Their brotherly bond transforms into something a lot less platonic. Basically I just want Noatak making tender love to his little brother.

Re: Amon/Tarrlok, happy ending

Someone write it PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Gen] [SPOILERS] Korra + Lightning Bolt Zolt

With great power comes great responsibility.

Korra's ability to restore people's bending will help a lot people, but not all the folks Amon de-bent were nice. When Zolt shows up at the Avatar's doorstep to be healed, Korra is faced with a moral dilemma. Is it right to give Zolt his firebending back when he'll almost certainly use it to commit crimes, despite his promise otherwise? Does Korra even have the right to decide who gets to be a bender and who doesn't? And if she's willing to agree to strip a petty gangster like Zolt of his bending by Amon's proxy, what precedent does that set for the future?

Re: [Gen] [SPOILERS] Korra + Lightning Bolt Zolt

This is why you are one of my favorite writers.

Any male/Amon, noncon, spoilers for the finale


Noatak is actually captured and Avatar Korra takes away HIS bending, but for real this time. While he remains chained and helpless in prison he's visited by the guards whose bending he blocked previously and they have a little (a lot? XD) of fun with him.

Alternately, it could be his Lieutenant that visits him and wants payback.

Basically, just have one (or more than one) of the people Noatak cheated and lied and exploited come after his helpless self in prison and brutally rape him.

*cough* I know, I'm awful.

Re: Any male/Amon, noncon, spoilers for the finale

Can I say I love how awful you are? Someone needs to write this ;)

[SPOILERS] Amon/Lieutenant, hurt/comfort


Before Tarrlok blows them sky high, Amon turns the boat around to retrieve his poor unconscious Lieutenant. IDK how he sneaks back to get him, but I want a rescue! ...A rescue that's sort of a kidnapping.

Bonus points for Amon taking care of him, but the Lieutenant wakes up super mad and raring to fight.

SPOILERS for the latest episodes, Trigger: suicide

Noatok knows that Tarrlok is about to kill them both. He'd just rather have a minute where he can pretend they're going to make it before he dies.

Re: SPOILERS for the latest episodes, Trigger: suicide

I think the way he's glancing back and a tear falls from his eye, he legitimately knows what Tarrlok is doing. I think this is actually canon, so I want to see this- badly.

(SPOILERS) Korra and Amon, AU

Amon and Tarrlok survives. Anything with Amon and Korra interacting post-series, please, now that she knows his backstory.

Finale Spoilers! Amon/Leiutenant

Anything with Amon showing how charismatic/powerful he is and giving the Lieutenant all the reason in the world to believe in him.

Bonus if there's some sort of follow-up with the Lieutenant learning the truth.

(SPOILERS) Korra/Asami

When Korra leaves the others at the house after learning that nothing can be done for her bending, it's Asami who goes after her and comforts her.

Re: (SPOILERS) Korra/Asami

working on this!

Amon/Lieutenant, season finale spoilers, bottom!Amon


An AU of the ending.
The Lieutenant finds out what "Amon" really is and wants to make him pay for all his lies and deception. Much to his surprise though, Amon doesn't fight back and allows the Lieutenant to beat him black and blue, before finally telling him that he always believed every word he said and then explains how deeply hates himself for what he is. The Lieutenant cannot bring himself to stay angry - because he's loved this man for so long - and instead of dealing him a finishing blow kneels down to his level and embraces him gently, then proceeds to make tender love to him.

Re: Amon/Lieutenant, season finale spoilers, bottom!Amon



Fluffy, sexy, funny... all of the above? Any Borra will do. Because the finale was great, but man, my Borra feels... ;_;

SPOILER FOR FINALE; incest, fourway

I don't care how it happens, I just want Noatak, Tarrlok, Mako, and Bolin to have a foursome. Bonus points if they switch partners.

Re: SPOILER FOR FINALE; incest, fourway

seconded. this has the potential to be one of the hottest fills ever...

Mild finale spoilers, Iroh/Asami/Bolin

While Korra and Mako are off being in true love and all, Asami and Bolin decide to join Iroh in some fun of the threeway kind.

Light and fluffy rather than angst is preferred.

Re: Mild finale spoilers, Iroh/Asami/Bolin (Seconding)

Need this Want this. Second This.

Finale Spoilers Makorrasamlin brother husbands sister wives

Shortly after Mako and Asami break up and Mako and Korra get together Asami figures out she's pregnant.

She still loves Mako and he really does love her too, he just loves Korra as well. Korra finds out about the baby and decides that the logical thing to do is for all of them to get married and be a happy if non-traditional family. They have Bo join in too since he loves Korra and is starting to realize how cool Asami actually is. And so the four of them get married and live happily ever after and have very hot happy foursomes all the time.

Re: Finale Spoilers Makorrasamlin brother husbands sister wives

Oh god...anon fail thank Jesus this wasn't an awful embarrassing one...

Spoilers for endgame/skeletons in the closet

Bolin goes after Korra when she goes to the cliff instead of Mako.

TW Suicide, aangst Spoilers for finale

When Korra went to the cliff face, she jumped. Four years later Mako and Bolin are with the white lotus investigating rumors of the little earthbender who breathes fire during temper tantrums.It's hard for them, since they both loved Korra and they miss her so badly they want to be in on training the new Avatar to be close to her in the only way they can.

tl;dr-Mako and Bolin find and react to the new earthbending Avatar after Korra successfully killed herself over losing her bending.

Re: TW Suicide, aangst Spoilers for finale

omg this would be so perfect i started crying a little just reading the prompt

someone write this

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