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Recently Filled Prompts
winninghearts wrote in ficbending
While I catch up on the woefully behind delicious list, I realize it will be easier and better for everyone else if they at least have a place to report the most recently filled prompts. It's not my ideal set-up, but for right now it is definitely better than nothing. This way everyone will have an easier time finding what's new.

I will work on getting everything up-to-date within the next few days.

Prompt Fill: Amon &Tarrlok-Revelation

I already replied to the original prompt, but I'll post it here too. To save trouble, I put the original prompt in quotes. I hope that's all right.

"I just want a confrontation between Tarrlok and Amon when Tarrlok realizes that Amon's his brother. Some sibling bickering would be nice or you could just fluff/angst it up. Either way, I just want some kind of discussion between the brothers concerning Amon's real identity while Tarrlok's captured."


Incomplete Fills

Here's a couple Noatak & Tarrlok ones that are in process and not in the list yet (not mine):

Korra meets teenage Noatak and Tarrlok in Republic City, instead of Mako and Bolin (

Tarrlok survives the explosion and is honored as a hero in Republic City for killing Amon (

Young Noatak and Tarrlok find Korra frozen in an iceberg (

Aang finds Yakone in the Northern Water Tribe and the boys are taken away to Republic City (

And some more complete ones:

Noatak + Tarrlok, That time Tarrlok bloodbended his brother (

Tarrlok buries Noatak (


I filled this prompt:

Then I did some editing and fixing and reposted it at AO3: I'd prefer you linked to that story in the delicious list, if you could. Thank you!

Some moar fills

I recently filled (all are finished one=shots)which are not currently on the delicous list to my knowledge:

Amon/Noatak. TW NONCON:

Mako/Bolin. Bolin loses a bet to Mako and has to give him a blowjob:

Re: Some moar fills

also I don't think this entry is linked to in the main kink meme entry. I didn't know about it until I started wandering around.

I've started filling this one:

An AU where Korra is Tarrlok's daughter.

Equilibrium: Tarrlok survives and is rescued after the explosion. He suffers a complete mental breakdown and is sent to an institution. It doesn't help.

There are more points to the prompt proper, but I think that's the most important info off-the-bat.

Three sections in, still going.

Filled several

Little Bumi feels displaced and unimportant in his family; his parents are two of the most famous people on the planet and his older sister is a little waterbending prodigy, and the less said about the world's blatant favoritism for airbending toddler Tenzin, the better. Then there's Bumi; he can't bend anything and it hurts to feel ordinary when surrounded by so many fantastic people. At least until Uncle Sokka talks to him.

How did the Gaang die?

Multiple short fills encouraged!

I did two minifills for that one:

I did one a while ago called Beholder, spun as psychological horror.

Prompt was:
Amon has captured both Avatar Korra and Councilman Tarrlok, and is keeping them imprisoned together while he continues on with his revolution.

But Amon/Noatak has noticed the resemblance between Korra and his younger self, and that is why he likes to watch Tarrlok and Korra having sex. Because it reminds him of what he always wanted from his little brother but could never have.

Prompt fill

Did a fill for the prompt 'Noatak+Tarrlok: Still in there somewhere,' here:

Though, I accidentally double posted the first part. Sorry )=

Filled these two:

Noatak is extremely awkward

Tarrlok, Cat Person

Fill for this prompt: I'd like to see anyone from the main cast see illusions of people they've lost and loved in the swamp. Doesn't matter how they got there.

Bonus if the person is Tahno.

Found here:

Fill for this prompt: Used-to-be Equalists- where are they now?

Ming/Tahno hurt/comfort:


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