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The X-Files // Scully Glasses
poetic_pixie_13 wrote in ficbending
If you have any questions, ideas or criticisms please feel free to ask them here! All comments here are screened and anon posting is allowed.

You can also PM me if you'd like. If your question relates to a specific prompt or fic please leave a link to it in the comments if possible.


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I messaged you, but I'm posting this here, too. Just because.

Thank's for this! I'll edit the prompt post with the link. I've been busy the past few days so I haven't had a chance to respond to your message.

(Deleted comment)
Hmmm, I've been viewing the post in the lj default style, but subjects aren't showing up for me either. Maybe changing the layout style? I'm not that great with lj layouts, to be honest. I can't change it right now, but later today I'll see what I can do. Thanks for bringing this up.

do you know if there's an active atla kink meme or could you put up a post for one here?

I'm not sure. I'm really busy with exams and work stuff so I might not have time to put one up here, but maybe in a little while.

What are the official policies on spoilers? Will there be a separate thread for spoilers, or would it fine to just write "SPOILERS" in the subject line?

Spoilers in the subject line is fine. I'd rather not have a bunch of separate threads/posts. It gets confusing.

(Deleted comment)
I didn't realize the 'spam protection' setting was on. I've unchecked it. Comments should be going through now. Thanks for bringing it up!

Is it wrong try to fill multiple prompts with one fic? Like take ideas for two and make it into one?


Hmmm, I think this would depend on what the individual asker would prefer. I would comment with to both prompts saying "I have an idea of combining this prompt with _________" just to let them know. But I don't think anyone would have a problem with it.

Set Guidelines for Prompting?

First off I just wanted to say thanks for modding this place, you're doing awesomely. :)

Secondly, I was wondering if it was possible to standardize the subject lines for the prompts. Right now there's people either using or ignoring subject lines and personally I think it would be more streamlined for both prompters and readers if the subject line was used so people can simply glance at it for a general gist and watch out for pairings/kinks/triggers/what have you that they would rather avoid or pay attention to. Places like inception_kink or xmen_firstkink I think have pretty solid prompting rules. Just something to think about!

Re: Set Guidelines for Prompting?

Sorry for my late reply. -_-

I think I use the same code for subject lines that those two kink memes use, the customized comment pages show prompts, though not everyone has been using the subject lines, I'll put up a reminder post in a few minutes.

Hey, I was just wondering if we could maybe have a centralized place to post links to fills? The Homestuck kinkmeme has one thread at the beginning of each new post, and the Watchmen kinkmeme has a thread each page to post updates under; this kinkmeme seems active enough that either of those would help readers find fics without having to resort to delicious or using view=flat.

I'm working on the fill/unfilled posts right now. Because of the number of prompts it's taking a while. I'm aiming to have it up by Friday/the weekend. Sorry for the wait!

Fill links?

Hiii! I was wondering if it'd be possible for fill links to be put up, sort of like how it's done over at the Walking Dead kink meme?

I dunno, I always loved the fact that there were direct links with the prompts next to it so people don't have to necessary search through all the pages to fine something they want to read. :)

It's probably alot of work though so it's just a tiny itty bitty suggestion that doesn't have to be done. .__.

Haha, I'm sure people are sick of me saying I'm working on a fill post but I swear I am. >.> It's taking a while, partly because of how many prompts there are and a bit because I get distracted by all the amazing fic people have been writing. I will try and have the filled and unfilled posts up as soon as possible!

Policy on reposting prompts?

Sorry, I'm new to the kinkmeme thing. I was wondering, what is the policy for reposting an unfilled prompt? Is it OK or not OK?


Re: Policy on reposting prompts?

Reposting unfilled prompts isn't allowed, it tends to clutter up the prompt posts. I am working on an unfilled prompt post, though, so people can search for prompts they might be interested in. Given the number of prompts we have it is slow going. I'll have that post up as soon as possible.

(Screened comment)
Thanks for letting me know about this, I've deleted the comment and messaged the original poster.

I have a question! Is there a separate post for putting fills and updates in or should we just hardcore stalk the prompts we're interested in?

Unfortunately for me I'm not used to normal kink memes because of my tenure on the super-regulated Hetalia kink meme, juuuuuuuust curious :)

The filled/unfilled post is being worked on! Feel free to send me nasty messages if it isn't done by this time next week.

Edited at 2012-05-31 10:39 pm (UTC)

I don't mean to be pushy but you DID encourage nagging, sooooooo is there a central fills/updates post yet? Orrrrrrr did I just... miss it?

Also I'm confused about what you were saying about updating the fills list... couldn't you just make a post and call it fills and declare
"post all fills/updates here"?


(you're doing a great job by the way :) )

I mean, I guess I could make a post like that, but I feel like that would be pretty unorganized? If people were just posting their fills in no particular order. I think maybe I will make a poll and ask everyone what they would like done.

I am tracking the prompt post and all the fills also get posted on the delicious, too.

That's fair, organization makes the world go 'round. Are you running this blog by yourself?

Both winninghearts and I are running the blog. She's taking over doing the filled/unfilled posts because I've been dealing with mental health stuff/depression and can't finish the posts myself.

Will the unfilled prompts also be added to the delicious? I know there will be a filled prompt post but I think it'll help to find something you want to fill (depending on the kink/pairing/whatnot) especially if/when the meme gets bigger

I've also started an unfilled delicious (I hate when they're combined into one), though it will probably come to to getting the filled/unfilled prompt post done. I don't know how great I would be at keeping all three of those things regularly updated, though, so if anyone else feels the desire to undertake some of the upkeep of an unfilled delicious...that would be fine. But I'll try!

Would it be alright if I made an auxiliary community on tumblr and reposted all of the prompts from here to tumblr with links leading back to ficbending?

Sorry for the late reply! That would be fantastic. If you do send me the link and I'll post it here.

As requested by a nonnie on fail-fandomanon, I've compiled prompt lists for the ficbending meme on

to help people track down old prompts. If you think it looks useful, you may like to let kinkmemers know. Cheers!

Eeeeeeeeeeeeee. You're my hero! Thanks so much. I'm posting the link now. <3


Many have noticed that the meme is incredibly request heavy and has been for some time. Is there any way you could create a discussion section for the meme, at least so we can all brainstorm on ways to breathe life back into it or to divert some of the numerous 'seconding' comments?

On page 25 there is a comment thread, labeled "This is not a prompt" I believe, that while containing some bickering is not the first of its kind on the meme, and on it I've already posted some ideas for helping the meme, though I admit they may not be practical especially if you are busy.

Anyhoo, just a heads up from a concerned anon who doesn't want flamewars to happen. :c

Thanks for letting me know!

I do admit to being AWOL, life's gotten hectic and unfortunately this tends to slip my mind. If you, or anyone else, would like to help out or take on some mod duties I'd love the help. Even just letting me know about stuff when it pops up is helpful. I can track this post a lot more easily than the prompt posts.

Thanks for the tip, though!

Whiny anons

Hi! There have been a few (or one repeated) anons complaining in the prompt section about the "death of the kinkmeme". Speaking as someone who fills and is filling, this has been massively annoying. Especially since they discourage long prompts, which are sometimes awesome for inspiration.

Please deliver us from bullshit, great mod! If you could, would you mind deleting comments of this nature from the meme?

I'm not a huge fan of deleting comments as a rule unless they are outright hurtful or offended. I've frozen the thread on page 25 and I'm going through the post to freeze any other threads.

However if the problem does continue I'll start deleting, comments like that aren't productive. If you or anyone else have any ideas about kickstarting the fills again I'd love to hear them. I'll also be creating a new post to discuss this and posting an obnoxiously coded update in the prompt post. And thanks for filling! Sometimes inspiration hits and then it fizzles out, keeping on track with a prompt is always easy.

Edited at 2012-08-13 06:37 am (UTC)

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