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Spoiler Policy Discussion
The X-Files // Scully Glasses
poetic_pixie_13 wrote in ficbending
So, we finally have a new episode! (Which I haven't seen yet. I'll be watching my stream after posting this so my replies might not happen until after I watch/finish flailing with all my feels.)

I'd rather not make separate threads/posts for spoilers because it can get really confusing. So, please just please put a spoiler warning in the subject line when making spoilery prompts. And please warn for types of spoilers. As in, if something's in episodes that have already aired vs. stuff that's been leaked ahead of time.

If something needs clarification, you think there's a better policy or you'd like to yell at me for being horrible about spoilers, comment and discuss in this post! If there's anything else you'd like to discuss you can comment about it here. If you'd like a separate discussion post about it made just say so here or ask me in the mod contact post. Comments there are screened, comments here aren't though you can post anonymously in either place.

I'd also like to apologize for still not finishing the filled/unfilled lists. I've been busy with exams and real life (idk, I've been told having a life is a good thing but I'm still on the fence about it). I will try and get it done at the latest by the first week of May, I'll be done exams by then.

Hope everyone's been enjoying the meme! I'mma go watch episode three and let Korra eradicate what little straightness is left in me.

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I am brand new and have no idea how to do this, but-

how about changing leaked spoilers to just LEAKED, and already aired would be SPOILER so that it's a one word tag to differentiate between the two?

Sorry for the late response, I didn't realize I'd turned off comment notifications for this post. It's a fabulous idea and I've added it to the most recent post.

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