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The X-Files // Scully Glasses
poetic_pixie_13 wrote in ficbending
So folks have been worried about the lack of fills in the meme.

Sometimes memes fizzle out, sometimes folks start to get busy at certain times, sometimes when there's no new canon or a show's on hiatus there's a lull. I know this can be frustrating but I want to remind everyone that prompt posts are only for prompts and fills. Not about how people aren't filling, the comm has been quiet, or complaining about the length/type/nature of prompts. All non-prompt/fill comments and threads already made will be frozen, any new ones will be deleted. There are multiple other places you can address the lack of fills or whatever else. This post is now one of them.

Here you can have (respectful) discussion about how to kick start the fills again, whether it be by promoting the comm more, linking it on other Korra/AtLA communities, Tumblr, discussion boards, and wherever else the cool kids are hanging out these days. Perhaps a little contest or something else to give incentives to fill. Also, if you can fill a prompt (I realize not all of us are writers or artists, which is more than fine) then, y'know, fill it. Ideally this comm is about sharing our appreciation (and even criticisms) of Korra/AtLA, not getting a bunch of comments about how good our fic is.

I realize that I've been a negligent mod. When I started the comm I had more time on my hands, right now I'm working and have quite a few personal, volunteering and school related commitments to tend to. I've said multiple times that if anyone is willing to help out or take over some mod duties I'd love the help. I'm not trying to be terse but please do realize that I have a life outside livejournal and can't notice everything, which is why I appreciate it when folks even just let me know about any issues that are occurring via the mod post or by PM'ing me.

Comments in this post aren't screened, anon posting is on.

ETA: I don't think anyone's following this post anymore but I'm turning off the comments because there have been a bunch of porny spam comments.


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