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Prompt post!
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poetic_pixie_13 wrote in ficbending
Let's get started!

Welcome to the Legend of Korra Anon Fic Meme! Here you can post prompts for anything your fannish heart desires, femmeslash, het, slash, gen, porn, crack fic, &etc. Go all out! Post a comment with your prompt and the magical fic fairies (aka, other members) will comment with glorious fic!

Before we get to the fun stuff let's go over the rules.

1) One prompt per post, please! If you have multiple prompts, no worries, just make separate posts for each. Please post characters/ships/kinks/trigger warnings in the subject line for easy browsing.
2) Anything Avatar related is welcome. We're focusing on Legend of Korra but you can always bring in characters and ideas from The Last Airbender.
3) Be polite! You might be asking for something but that doesn't mean you should be rude while asking. Be nice! Use this comm to celebrate the wonderfulness that is LoK!
4) Trigger warnings! This doesn't just apply to porn, although obviously it can. If there's something in your prompt or fic that can be triggering (rape/non-con, dub-con, suicide, self-harm &etc) please put a warning. If you're not sure about something put a warning just in case. We have members who have a diverse set of experiences and we have to be respectful of that. Part of being polite isn't telling someone to 'lighten up' or 'get a thicker skin.' It's respecting each other and being mindful of what's hurtful.
If you feel that someone has posted something offensive please feel free to contact me, either by PM'ing me or through the mod contact post.
5) Don't be an asshole. Sounds simple enough but the ATLA shipping wars are legendary and I'd rather we not repeat them here. Don't throw around language that's offensive. Respect people's ships, their kinks, their requests and their triggers. If something isn't your cup of tea then just scroll until you find a prompt or fic that is.
6) Your kink is not my kink and that's OK. We're not here to shame anyone for what they're into, which is why you can post anonymously.
7) Have fun!

Any questions should be made at the mod contact post and not here.

ETA: The fantastic winninghearts has made a delicious list with all the filled prompts! The list is tagged by character and pairing, so you can quickly find whatever you're looking for.

And, on another note, I've been really busy the last couple days and haven't been able to peek into this comm as often as I'd like. I'll make a separate filled/unfilled prompt post this weekend. I'd also love any help with the layout, there's an issue with subject lines not showing up in minimized threads. I'm not a huge pro at lj layouts so any help would really be appreciated.

ETA II - Bride of the Edit There's still an issue with the subject lines. Everything I've found that's supposed to fix it hasn't actually been doing anything, so, yeah. Sorry about that.

Spoiler Policy Now that we'll be getting new episodes every week please put a spoiler warning in the subject line when making spoilery prompts. And please warn for types of spoilers. As in, if something's in episodes that have already aired vs. stuff that's been leaked ahead of time. If you would like to discuss spoiler policy there's a post up for it here.

The Edit from Outer Space: Prompt post number two is up. While you can always fill prompts in this post please make any new ones in post number two.

A fantastic anon whom I love to death has complied a list of prompts. Filled prompts are marked.


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Fill 1

He remembers their mother like a bad dream. The time when he loved her was, he knows now, the lowest of his life, a time when he had been foolish and complacent enough not only to tolerate benders, but to marry one. Amon meditates on it when he is alone, despising himself, recalling with contempt his simpleminded awe at her power over earth and metal, seething at his brainwashed stupidity. It is a part of his life he wishes to destroy, not merely to forget.

He should have set fire to their home instead of simply walking away from it. He should have left his sons inside to burn, but he had been so weak. He knew their blood was tainted, that their grandfather had been a firebender, that their mother was one of the greatest earthbenders of the age. Yet he could not leave them, and he could not kill them. He took them with him, his younger son sleeping in his arms and the other holding his hand, silent and confused.


Bolin was five when he made the earth move. In another life, he would have been proud, but now his eyes were open. They wept.

Ever the warm one, Bolin immediately came and put his arms around his father. He knelt and clung to his younger son, rocking in grief, burying his tears in his small, sweet-smelling head.

“I knew this day would come,” he heard himself say. “I knew I would have to do this someday.” He gathered Bolin closer, mourning him already.

“What are you talking about?” demanded Mako. He stood at a distance, wary and cool even towards his own father. They locked eyes.

He had done his best to teach his children about the tyranny of bending, but Bolin was too young and Mako was old enough to remember his mother, however vaguely: he would not understand. He would hate him for this. But at least he could keep one of his sons.

He let Bolin slide out of his arms.

“It is nothing,” he said softly. “Nothing that is not necessary.”


Long past midnight, he rose and found his knife. He could have done it hours ago, but he chose instead to lie in his bed, staring into darkness. He knew there was nothing else he could do, but still he hoped and prayed for a reason not to do it, any reason, and he hated himself for his cowardice and he pictured his son’s face in his mind and prayed and dug his nails into his own flesh. The long hours passed, but no answers came. He had to kill his son.

The knife was long and sharp and heavy. He had never used it before, and he hesitated as he stood above his son’s bed, trying to find the place that would cause the least pain, bring the swiftest death. Bender or not, there was no need to butcher him. He was—he had been—his son.

“Goodbye,” he murmured. His throat was tight.


He spun, the knife dropping to his side, and saw Mako in the doorway, wide-awake and hard-eyed. He was holding a glass of water. “What are you doing?” he asked sharply, looking at the knife in his father’s hand.

“I have no choice,” he answered heavily. “Please, go. You shouldn’t see this.”

“I will go,” said Mako. “But not without Bolin.” He squared his thin shoulders and came determinedly closer.

“This shouldn’t concern you!” he raised his voice. “Mako—you will understand someday, I promise.”

Mako clenched his jaw and took another step.

“Explain it to me now,” he demanded.

“I know that it seems harsh,” he said, “but the world must change. In time you would have only hated your brother. It is kinder to kill him in love.”

“If you want to kill him,” said Mako, stepping closer, “you’ll have to kill me. Do I deserve to die too?” He gripped his glass tightly, with both hands.

“No,” he said. “You are not a bender.”

“Aren’t I?” asked Mako, and threw his glass of water into his father’s face, drenching him.

Except, he realized suddenly, it was not water. It was…

“Oil,” he said aloud. Fire bloomed from Mako’s small hand, and his world abruptly turned into flame.

Amon thinks of that night with shame. Not for being bested and burned. It is what benders had been doing to the lower classes for millennia, after all. No, he is ashamed only that he did not open his son’s throat the very moment he knew what he was. He thinks in disgust on those vital hours he spent cowering from the truth. If he had not been so weak, there would be two less benders in the world.

His meditation was nearly to an end. In a few minutes, the Lieutenant will knock on his door, and their mission will begin: the Avatar had been foolish enough to let herself be seen. Amon knew where she was. He knew who was with her.

Mako and Bolin. The sons he did not kill.

He had lost track of them for a long time, assuming that a seven and five-year-old would perish on the triad-ruled streets. Thinking back to the rage and defiance in Mako’s amber eyes, Amon realizes that it been a foolish idea, merely another attempt to justify allowing his children to live. And look what they had lived to do: pro-bending tournaments and befriending the Avatar. It was like a deliberate slap in the face.

The Lieutenant knocked, right on schedule.

“Are you ready, sir?”

Amon rose. The meditation had hardened his heart and burned away all doubt.

“It is time to rectify past mistakes,” he said.


The raid had not gone as planned.

The first attack was meant to capture all three of them, but some supernatural instinct had given the Avatar a split second of warning. She met the brunt of the attack with a burst of fire, driving back the first wave. The brothers came awake immediately, bringing their own powers into play. The advantage of surprise lost, the raid devolved into brute combat.

The Avatar was first to fall: pushing herself in front of her friends, she was struck by a lucky baton and collapsed. For a time the two brothers fought on, protecting the Avatar’s limp body and picking off Equalists one by one. Eventually the Lieutenant was the only Equalist left facing the brothers, but Amon had no worries. He had trained the Lieutenant himself. He knew him to be more than equal to the task.

Bolin, perhaps encouraged by their superior numbers, rushed forward. He had always been overconfident. The Lieutenant simply waited, leapt to dodge his earthbending strike, pushed off a wall and landed just in front of a startled Bolin. He raised his arms as if to earthbend, but the Lieutenant slammed both electric batons into his chest before he could complete the motion. Bolin went flying backwards, just as a plume of fire engulfed the Lieutenant.

Amon waited for the man to leap from the flames, but he was still there when the fire strike ended, swaying to his knees. He saw with irritation that Bolin had managed to trap the Lieutenant’s ankles in earth before he was knocked out.

It may have been their plan behind Bolin’s seemingly reckless attack: force the Lieutenant to remain still long enough to shock Bolin into unconsciousness, and win enough time to trap and attack him. It was audacious and risky, but also cunning. It was what he would expect from the boy who had burned him, those many years ago. It was what he would expect from his son.

Mako knelt over his brother’s form, feeling for a pulse. Evidentially he found one, for he sighed in relief and slumped his shoulders. He moved to the Avatar’s side, repeating the process. Amon did not miss how his hand lingered caressingly over her cheek.

Re: Fill 2

“Cleverly done,” he said, walking into view.

Mako started to his feet, fire unfurling from his fists. He narrowed his eyes.

“Father,” he said.

This took Amon by surprise.

“You knew?” he asked curiously.

“Since the first time I saw you in the newspapers,” Mako said. “It was a little of a relief. I had wondered if I’d killed you.”

“And now you wish you had,” said Amon.


“Does your brother know?”

“No. And he won’t ever. He thinks you’re a childhood nightmare he used to have. He thinks our father loved us.”

“Mako—” he shook his head. “I did love you. I loved you deeply—”

“Don’t you dare,” he snarled.

“I know I have done wrong and terrible things, Mako, but is it so hard to believe that even a man such as I can feel regret? Shame? I have spent my life since that day wracked with self-contempt and loathing. You were my children, Mako, my own flesh. My own blood. I loved you. And I still do.”

Amon lowered his voice. “If you are wise, Mako, if you care at all about your brother’s life—about Bolin—then you will take this advice. Save yourselves. I know we are divided, perhaps irrevocably, and I know that much of the fault for that is mine. But I am still your father. I want to see you alive and safe. But if you remain by the Avatar’s side, Mako, you and Bolin will both die, and I will not be able to save you. Let me have the Avatar, and I promise I will protect you.”

Mako was silent and trembling. He looked down at the Avatar, lying limply on the ground, her hands reaching out to his feet as if in supplication, almost touching them. He looked up at Amon, hard-eyed.

“No wonder there are so many Equalists,” he said in a low voice. “You somehow know exactly what I’ve always wanted to hear.”


“Your answer is no,” he said coldly. “Did you expect me to believe that for even a second?”

Amon tilted his head. “Not all of it is untrue,” he said after a moment. “For one, if you remain with the Avatar, you will both die.”

“I know my odds,” said Mako calmly. “And I like them. I beat you when I was nothing but a frightened child.” He nudged the Avatar with his toe. “This time I have the Avatar on my side. We’ll beat you again.”

“Beat me?” Amon asked. He barked out laughter. “You did no such thing. You took away my face, yes, but instead you gave me an identity. Behind this mask, anyone could be Amon. When this body dies, another man will take up my mantle, and then another, and another. A reincarnation of sorts. An Avatar for the new world.”

His son regarded him with cold amber eyes. “You’re nothing like the Avatar,” he said. “You know nothing but fear and rage, and you never will. The Avatar is hope. You could never understand her, and so you’ll never defeat her. KORRA, NOW!” he yelled suddenly, and the unconscious girl at his feet sprang up and leveled the earth just as Mako split the air with fire. Amon sprang backwards with all the strength of his body, narrowly avoiding his son’s fire, taking a glancing blow from a shard of earth. He landed on a rooftop, rolled, and crouched there, waiting.

When the dust and smoke had finally cleared, the Avatar was gone, and his sons were gone with her.


I feel like no matter who Amon is revealed to be on the show, I will always remember this fill; Amon and Bolin and Mako, fucked up and tangled up together. And Mako, so clever and protective of his brother, even now in adolescence. And the idea of Amon as a symbol rather than a man, able to go through 'reincarnations' with the death of the previous one like the That' ironic, yet powerful (as far as ideas go).

I sincerely hope you write a sequel/continue this fill, but even if you don't, it was a wonderful one :D

I. LOVE. YOU. That is more than I ever hoped for. I love the fact that Mako knows, but is keeping it from Bolin. I love brotherly love. I would love if this story was canon.


:D It's really, really nice when you can please the original prompter. Thank you.

ooooh very V for Vendetta-esque, I absolutely love it! :D

...And then she forgot to anon.

lmao. it's ok. this fic is flawless and u should be proud.

Like what greendaze24 said, you should totally do a continuation/sequel :). This has so much potential.

I hate when that happens. *solidarity fistbump* I know your pain.

But, um, would you mind terribly if I did a weird fanfic of your fanfic? I saw the prompt and already started writing my own version, then I saw your fill and realized the first half of our fics are the same (or at least the part with Mako burning Amon to protect Bolin). I didn't want to post that and end up having people thinking I plagiarized your story, so I was hoping I could do a type of "alternate ending" for your fic. (Though if you don't mind me posting a fic where the first half is quite the same as yours, that would be awesome - it may be weird to ask, especially on a kinkmeme, but I've had problems with this sort of thing before so I always ask first, just in case.)

Unanoning so you know it's me...

To be completely honest I do feel a little weird, but only because I am planning out a continuation. My philosophy is that this is a kinkmeme, the fic belongs to the prompter more than anyone else, and honestly the more fills the better. I think you should post it. I'd like to read it.

I just didn't want to cause any trouble. :) Thank you!

If you're still interested, I posted it. :)

Re: Fill 1



his face is all burned and that's why he wears a mask and JESUS CHRIST

You are a GOD.

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