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Prompt post!
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poetic_pixie_13 wrote in ficbending
Let's get started!

Welcome to the Legend of Korra Anon Fic Meme! Here you can post prompts for anything your fannish heart desires, femmeslash, het, slash, gen, porn, crack fic, &etc. Go all out! Post a comment with your prompt and the magical fic fairies (aka, other members) will comment with glorious fic!

Before we get to the fun stuff let's go over the rules.

1) One prompt per post, please! If you have multiple prompts, no worries, just make separate posts for each. Please post characters/ships/kinks/trigger warnings in the subject line for easy browsing.
2) Anything Avatar related is welcome. We're focusing on Legend of Korra but you can always bring in characters and ideas from The Last Airbender.
3) Be polite! You might be asking for something but that doesn't mean you should be rude while asking. Be nice! Use this comm to celebrate the wonderfulness that is LoK!
4) Trigger warnings! This doesn't just apply to porn, although obviously it can. If there's something in your prompt or fic that can be triggering (rape/non-con, dub-con, suicide, self-harm &etc) please put a warning. If you're not sure about something put a warning just in case. We have members who have a diverse set of experiences and we have to be respectful of that. Part of being polite isn't telling someone to 'lighten up' or 'get a thicker skin.' It's respecting each other and being mindful of what's hurtful.
If you feel that someone has posted something offensive please feel free to contact me, either by PM'ing me or through the mod contact post.
5) Don't be an asshole. Sounds simple enough but the ATLA shipping wars are legendary and I'd rather we not repeat them here. Don't throw around language that's offensive. Respect people's ships, their kinks, their requests and their triggers. If something isn't your cup of tea then just scroll until you find a prompt or fic that is.
6) Your kink is not my kink and that's OK. We're not here to shame anyone for what they're into, which is why you can post anonymously.
7) Have fun!

Any questions should be made at the mod contact post and not here.

ETA: The fantastic winninghearts has made a delicious list with all the filled prompts! The list is tagged by character and pairing, so you can quickly find whatever you're looking for.

And, on another note, I've been really busy the last couple days and haven't been able to peek into this comm as often as I'd like. I'll make a separate filled/unfilled prompt post this weekend. I'd also love any help with the layout, there's an issue with subject lines not showing up in minimized threads. I'm not a huge pro at lj layouts so any help would really be appreciated.

ETA II - Bride of the Edit There's still an issue with the subject lines. Everything I've found that's supposed to fix it hasn't actually been doing anything, so, yeah. Sorry about that.

Spoiler Policy Now that we'll be getting new episodes every week please put a spoiler warning in the subject line when making spoilery prompts. And please warn for types of spoilers. As in, if something's in episodes that have already aired vs. stuff that's been leaked ahead of time. If you would like to discuss spoiler policy there's a post up for it here.

The Edit from Outer Space: Prompt post number two is up. While you can always fill prompts in this post please make any new ones in post number two.

A fantastic anon whom I love to death has complied a list of prompts. Filled prompts are marked.


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Mook Horror Show

During a particularly gruelling battle, the Equalists learn the hard way that making Bolin angry is a BAD idea. I want it told from an Equalist member's perspective. What goes through this person's head as they try to get away, and as the earth moves under their feet?

Hope you enjoy it! :)
Taru gave a toothy grin beneath his mask and resisted the urge to do a little victory dance. He was a new recruit and this was his first big mission. Eager to impress, Taru couldn't believe his luck when his squadron ran into two male benders late at night. One was a tall, lean firebender while his companion was a shorter, muscular earthbender. Their meeting was by pure happenstance, but Taru was intrigued by the fact that the two benders attacked almost instantly, which meant they had run into Equalist operatives before—and those members had lost.

The young man’s chest tingled with excitement. If his team was able to take these benders out, then they would succeed where others had failed, and if he were able to make a significant enough contribution to the capture, then it would mean a promotion among the ranks.

His moment of glory came a few seconds ago, when other members of his team kept the firebender occupied. He was slightly handicapped in his fighting because he was trying to shield the earthbender who was dazed on the ground—the result of a lucky burst of electricity from their weapons. While the firebender tried to cover both offence and defense, Taru snuck through and used both rods to electrocute the bender.

The second the firebender was immobilized, two other members of Taru’s team were able to add their rods as well and the alleyway exploded in light. A few seconds later they were all blasted backward from the combined attack, and when Taru glanced up, he saw the firebender sink to his knees and then collapse; residue smoke from the attack still emanating from his body.

The smell of burnt human flesh made Taru’s nose wrinkle, but thankfully his mask blocked most of it. Yet even if it didn’t, Taru’s excitement couldn’t be quelled. He had done it! With his help, the team was able to successfully take down a bender, and a firebender at that. Already he could see his promotion given to him by the great Amon himself.

His captain extended a hand to Taru and the others clapped him on the back. Nothing could make this night any better.

Something shifted behind them and the Equalists turned around, though none were alarmed. Taru knew there was no chance of the firebender waking up anytime soon (hopefully not at all, if they were successful enough) so it had to be the earthbender, and he would be still too dazed to do much. By the time his head would be clear enough to fight properly, Taru and his team would have made sure he met the same fate as his companion.

Taru started to move forward, but his captain put a hand out to stop him. “Just watch,” he said. “There’s nothing more exhilarating than watching these stuck-up benders realize they are no match for us. Then we attack.” Taru smirked and leant back on his heels. This was going to be good. He hated benders just as much as the rest of them and was going to enjoy this.

The earthbender was on his knees now, and he cradled his head with one hand while the other helped keep him upright. He called out some name Taru couldn’t catch, though he assumed it to be the firebender’s. Taru and the other Equalists chuckled as they saw the earthbender’s horrified face when his eyes fell on his companion. His cry of anguish as he scrambled over to the firebender’s body was like music to Taru’s ears. It was the same sound he had made when a visit from a member of the Triad went bad and his youngest sister was killed in the crossfire.

Serves you right, he sneered in his head. Now you scum know what it’s like.

Now the earthbender was tenderly cradling the injured firebender in his arms, and Taru was momentarily taken back by the obvious love in his actions. They were brothers, he realized. Then his anger intensified. They were an example of the filth that cropped up in this new city—benders from the different nations coming to live together, intermingling and having mixed offspring.

The earthbender was completely still now, probably unable to function now that his brother was hurt. A perfect time to strike. He and his fellow Equalists charged up their rods. It was time to end this and bring these benders to the great Amon. What happened next made them stop in their tracks though. Literally.

The earthbender gently laid his brother back on the ground, brushed his cheek like a doting parent, and rose to his full height. When he lifted his face, Taru’s rods sunk a few inches at the sight of the sheer amount of pain and fury in the earthbender’s expression.

With an enraged roar, the earthbender thrust out his arms and closed his fists. To Taru’s horror, he and the other Equalists sunk a foot into the ground and were unable to move. They could only watch as the earthbender jumped in the air and brought his fists down hard, forcing the ground to rise up and come barreling towards them—as if something large was burrowing underneath. Taru had dodged the earthbender’s attacks before, but that had been when he had the ability to get out of the way. Now with no option but to stand there and brace for the impact…Taru had a difficult time fighting the urge to scream in fear. It was like something from a nightmare.

On contact, Taru was forcibly thrown through the air with a force that knocked the rods out of his hand. Before he could get his bearings, his back exploded with so much pain his vision blacked out for a second. When he came to he was falling toward the ground. He tried to put out a hand to brace his fall, but his body decided it didn’t want to respond, causing him to land on his chin.

A scream was torn from his throat as his jaw cracked, and Taru realized it was broken. Unbidden tears came to his eyes and Taru could only moan piteously as his body twitched and shuddered from the nearly unendurable spasms of pain that now wracked his body. It was so painful he almost didn’t notice that the ground rose up and shackled his entire torso to the ground.

There was movement near his head, and Taru angled his face upward—the pain now dulled as a result of the shock. He had seconds before he blacked out and could only pray medical help would be sent to their location.

It was the earthbender, and he was carrying the limp form of his brother protectively in his arms. Taru didn’t know how the bender knew, but somehow he understood that Taru was responsible for his brother’s injuries all the same.

The earthbender’s icy green eyes looked down at Taru, yet instead of vindication or triumph, Taru could only see pain and sadness, almost like he felt sorry for what he had done. Taru’s eyes narrowed and a growl resonated in his throat. How…how dare this bender pity him!

Seeing the question in Taru’s eyes, the earthbender simply said, “You hurt Mako.” He cradled his brother even closer, and Taru couldn’t stop the sharp pang of jealously that coursed through him as he remembered treating his own sister that way. The firebender then let out a delirious whimper of pain and the earthbender’s eyes shut tightly as he touched his forehead to his brother’s. A single tear rolled down the earthbender’s cheek and he left abruptly, without a second glance at Taru.

As the earthbender walked away, he slammed his foot into the ground and there was a sharp pain in the back of Taru’s head. As he succumbed to the blessed, painless darkness of unconsciousness, Taru mentally cursed the earthbender—not for beating him, not for breaking his jaw.

But for shaking his resolve.

Taru could no longer look a bender in the eye again and only see the enemy. He would forever see the earthbender’s green eyes and the love he had for his brother—the same love Taru had for his sister.

How could he fight anymore?

Lord have mercy.
That was INTENSE.
BAMF!Bolin is the best
and god I almost thought you killed Mako there ;-;
wonderful fill!!!

Thank you so much! :) I'm very glad you enjoyed it, and I totally agree that BAMF!Bolin is just the absolute best. I'm also pleased you found it intense.

And I could never kill Mako! ;A; That wouldn't be fair to him or Bolin, because then I'd be essentially killing them both. XD

I can't even imagine Mako or Bolin dead x_x. I don't expect any pair of brothers to be as messed up as the Winchester brothers, but Mako and Bolin might be as close as they can get (without the making-a-deal-with-a-demon thing). I'm not the prompter, but thank you for this fill!

It's really interesting to see the brothers from an Equalist point of view because I've been curious about what people think of the mixed nature of their family. It may be 70 years after the war, but I wonder if there's still prejudice against mixed families/firebenders. After all, WWII was 67 years ago, but the Germans still catch a bit of flak for it every now and then (mostly in the form of jokes, but still).

The thought of that makes me so sad. ;A;

Oh thank you! :) So glad you enjoyed the story. And yeah, it was a lot of fun writing it from another POV. I really hope we see some sort of prejudice against firebenders and the whole mixed families. It would help add just another layer to the show and make it feel more real....and give us more excuses to want to snuggle the brothers to death. XD

Op here (She is very sorry)

I'm so sorry I took so long to reply to this. I've just been so busy latly-nevermind, that's not an excuse. Thank you for filling my request, and you are very awesome for it.

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