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Prompt post!
A // Can't Knock Me Down
poetic_pixie_13 wrote in ficbending
Let's get started!

Welcome to the Legend of Korra Anon Fic Meme! Here you can post prompts for anything your fannish heart desires, femmeslash, het, slash, gen, porn, crack fic, &etc. Go all out! Post a comment with your prompt and the magical fic fairies (aka, other members) will comment with glorious fic!

Before we get to the fun stuff let's go over the rules.

1) One prompt per post, please! If you have multiple prompts, no worries, just make separate posts for each. Please post characters/ships/kinks/trigger warnings in the subject line for easy browsing.
2) Anything Avatar related is welcome. We're focusing on Legend of Korra but you can always bring in characters and ideas from The Last Airbender.
3) Be polite! You might be asking for something but that doesn't mean you should be rude while asking. Be nice! Use this comm to celebrate the wonderfulness that is LoK!
4) Trigger warnings! This doesn't just apply to porn, although obviously it can. If there's something in your prompt or fic that can be triggering (rape/non-con, dub-con, suicide, self-harm &etc) please put a warning. If you're not sure about something put a warning just in case. We have members who have a diverse set of experiences and we have to be respectful of that. Part of being polite isn't telling someone to 'lighten up' or 'get a thicker skin.' It's respecting each other and being mindful of what's hurtful.
If you feel that someone has posted something offensive please feel free to contact me, either by PM'ing me or through the mod contact post.
5) Don't be an asshole. Sounds simple enough but the ATLA shipping wars are legendary and I'd rather we not repeat them here. Don't throw around language that's offensive. Respect people's ships, their kinks, their requests and their triggers. If something isn't your cup of tea then just scroll until you find a prompt or fic that is.
6) Your kink is not my kink and that's OK. We're not here to shame anyone for what they're into, which is why you can post anonymously.
7) Have fun!

Any questions should be made at the mod contact post and not here.

ETA: The fantastic winninghearts has made a delicious list with all the filled prompts! The list is tagged by character and pairing, so you can quickly find whatever you're looking for.

And, on another note, I've been really busy the last couple days and haven't been able to peek into this comm as often as I'd like. I'll make a separate filled/unfilled prompt post this weekend. I'd also love any help with the layout, there's an issue with subject lines not showing up in minimized threads. I'm not a huge pro at lj layouts so any help would really be appreciated.

ETA II - Bride of the Edit There's still an issue with the subject lines. Everything I've found that's supposed to fix it hasn't actually been doing anything, so, yeah. Sorry about that.

Spoiler Policy Now that we'll be getting new episodes every week please put a spoiler warning in the subject line when making spoilery prompts. And please warn for types of spoilers. As in, if something's in episodes that have already aired vs. stuff that's been leaked ahead of time. If you would like to discuss spoiler policy there's a post up for it here.

The Edit from Outer Space: Prompt post number two is up. While you can always fill prompts in this post please make any new ones in post number two.

A fantastic anon whom I love to death has complied a list of prompts. Filled prompts are marked.


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old!Zuko comforts Bolin

"The girl I love was kissing my brother ;^;"

"That's rough, buddy."

Re: old!Zuko comforts Bolin

"Sooooo..." said Bolin. "Do you- still do those life-changing field trips? Er, Mr ex-Fire Lord your majesty highness sir."

Zuko contemplated this. "I have missed those life-changing field trips," he admitted. "But it;ll have to be a short one, Bumi is watching the airship like a hawk and I'm not allowed to commandeer it any more."

"I know just the place!" said Bolin.


"And then I thought we'd had such fun, and we were- ARE so perfect for each other, but then after the match I went up top and there she was! Kissing my brother." Bolin sighed.

Zuko swallowed his mouthful of noodles. "That's rough, buddy," he said. "And these are really good. But I have to say, I expected this to be more on the mastery of your bending element and your concern over the menace threatening your beloved city and all you hold dear. Maybe a bit of brooding over the brutal murders of your parents by a vicious underworld. Raging at the injustice of fate that life has dealt you."

"Oh," said Bolin. "Amon? Korra will take care of that, that's Avatar stuff. And, that past stuff, well sometimes you just gotta deal with it, you know? But Korra," he said, pulling a truly magnificent face. "We're meant to be."

"Right," said Zuko. "Right. Have you tried...going away for a really long while, and then hoping she's still inexplicably prepared to tolerate you when you reappear?"

"I don't know how that would work," said Bolin. "But I mean, you have experience with- with- girls, right? You're old! And in that play- you and Grandmaster Katara- you know! She married Avatar Aang, how did you deal with that?"

Zuko choked on his noodles. Bolin reached over, thumped his back and tried not to think about potentially murdering the ex-Fire Lord with noodles. "Katara and I were never- that play is a totally inaccurate- I thought I banned-" Zuko forced out.

"You banned it there," said Bolin. "I remember it was written on the posters. But it's really popular here, I've seen it like four times. It's so sad every time the Moon Spirit dies."

Zuko muttered something under his breath that Bolin pretended not to hear, because it didn't seem befitting royalty. At least his son-in-law paid for their meal.

Re: old!Zuko comforts Bolin

god that was hilarious! :)

OP here~

Perfection! I still have a stupid smile on my face after reading

First I love you for Bumi being married to the Fire Lady. And I love you for mentioning "Boy In The Iceburg" And I love the entire thing xD

Re: old!Zuko comforts Bolin

AHAHAHA! Oh, Bolin. Zuko's probably the LAST person to talk to about girls. I liked the mention of "The Boy in the Iceberg". Zuko WOULD ban it in the Fire Nation ;).

Re: old!Zuko comforts Bolin

Oh god. What's this about Bumi being his son-in-law?! I would die. That's amazing.

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